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Cocaine Model

All I want to do is travel and surf and go longboarding and take roadtrips where there's palmtrees while I'm listening to this song. Out of the few DJ's i listen to, I really like Zhu


R.I.P 2 My Youth

Bildresultat för the neighbourhood rip 2 my youthBildresultat för the neighbourhood rip 2 my youth


I've waited for this moment for soooo long now. The Neighbourhood has finally released a single and it's absolutely amazing. 

They've been dropping teasers for their new album WIPEDOUT! which I think is coming 30/10-15, and RIP2MY is the first single from the album. Although they released their mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF, I was still waiting for their proper sophomore album, since I didn't feel the mixtape too much. 

Anyways, it's here, and it's great.

(Btw, listen to their teasers for Crybaby - I'm quite literally screaming)


Fave line in R.I.P 2 My Youth: I'm using white lighters to see what's in front of me


Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of my favorite bands at the moment and I just love every song they bring to the table.

Probably going to make a post about the whole album 'The Balcony' later but for now I just wanted to post one of the songs called Fallout. At fist I only really loved the intro where he sings "I told you from the start that I was always gonna change" because it reminded me of The 1975's song Girls where he sings "Told you from the start - I'm breaking your heart". Otherwise it was just another alright song, but now I love it just as much as the other songs.


Fave line in Fallout: "You see now, I'm sorry if I drove your matches to my clothes"


The lyrics are terrible. Seriously, my grandmother could come up with better.. The rest of the song is great though!

Mt. Washington & Wide Eyes

Found this band called Locas Natives through my brother. They soundtracked a videogame and had their song playing in the background when the main caracter rides a bus in the storyline haha. Quite a pleasant moodsetter actually, and even though it's videogame music, the scene was better than it sounds.
Only songs I listen to are Mt. Washington and Wide Eyes, but I like Local Native's sound alot, it reminds me of Radiohead.

Call me in the afternoon

This song stuck to my mind fast and hard. It's not because its amazing or mindblowing or anything. 
There are 4 key points to why I can't stop listening to this song. 

4: The drums are iNsANe. Listen to the drums and try to keep up. Seriously.

3: I love how the singer kinda screams when he hits the higher notes.

2: Some of the lyrics are so thought out and like, nothing you've heard in a song before. Although it's not "beautiful" or "deep", they're not a cliché thats why I like them.

1: The stuttering in the chours. This makes the whole song for me it would be so plain and boring otherwise.

So yeah... that's why I like it.


Fave line in Call Me In The Afternoon: "...and you confuse me with your riddles and your sudden generosity."

From the Woods - acoustic

No words, just the clatter of rain needed,

and liiiisten.


With some bands, I struggle alot before I actually enjoy them. I usually look for similar bands and artists to the ones I already listen to, and while doing this, I've managed to find my favorite bands of all time! However, I've had a few bands that I've really wanted to like, but never really felt it with. On social media I've seen hardcore fans of actic monkeys, the 1975, the neighbourhood (etc) also being hardcore fans of Vampire Weekend and alt-j, among others, and I've really wanted to be a hardcore fan of them too, but their song have been so monotone and boring. 

Although, eventually something clicked with alt-j. 

I accidentaly found a popular remix of Left hand free on vine and I just loved it. But it was only that one (lido) remix. Yet, I found more and more good songs with them and now I really like them! laughing Then have loads of various sounds in their different songs, but I guess if you like quirky indie music, you'll either be a hardcore fan or eventually learn to like them.


"Yeah, you're medicine"

Medicine is the latest single released by The 1975. It was made for a scene in a movie I can't remember the name to, but I remember watching it and feeling proud and amazed at the same time.

As always, Matty is a lyrical genius and this song is absolutely beautiful. Yet another song by The 1975 that I want tattoed on my body. 

Fave line in Medicine: (Yeah, you're medicine)

Pop Culture

Regarding the last post I made about Madeon, I mentioned Pop Culture, which was the live mashup he posted on youtube that got him noticed. I thought I'd might as well post it here too since it's so bloody brilliant 

You're On & Pay No Mind

Except for when I'm clubbing, I rarely listen to electronic music. I like many DJ's, but it's not very often I have any of their songs on my playlists... apart from Madeon. Ever since I saw his youtube video Pop Culture, I've had a big interest in his music. What i think is the reason why I like him so much is because his sound is quite similar to many indiepop/indietronic groups that I listen to, e.g. Pheonix, The Royal Concept etc. 

Madeon has recently released a new album called Adventure, and I believe he's on tour with it at the moment. The two songs that really stood out to me was You're On and Pay No Mind, so I thought I'd post them here! 


I love Psycho. It's so brutally sadistic and fucked up that it's great. As I listen to the lyrics, I'm perpetually amazed by how sick it is! If you haven't heard the song, I'll tell you it's about wanting to make this guy a psycho killer/killing machine on his command  Yeah, as I said, it's brutal.. Yet, it's so good! The sound and beat is great - as excpected of Muse, and I think the fact that it's so messed up, makes it amusing to listen to. 

Fave line in Psycho: Your ass belongs to me now

Thunder Clatter

 Bildresultat för thunder clatter

Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub is like something out of a World Cup or CocaCola commercial!

It's so much fun, energising, cheerful and I can't help to think about blasting it on a beach in the summer with my friends or in a convertible on a roadtrip. I know absolutely nothig about Wild Cub so I'm not in a good position to inform you about them, and i haven't heard any of their other songs. But if you want a nice, happy and loveable song that suits almost any occation; while the sun is shining, or thunder is clattering, then give it a try 

Tennis Court (Original + Flume remix)

Bildresultat för flumeBildresultat för lorde tennis court

Links to: Dream World by Jay Alvarrez, Music Tennis Court Flume Remix  

Anyone else who's seen Jay Alvarrez 'Dream World' video and liked the soundtrack? In that casethis post is especially for you.

I really liked the song which is a Flume Remix of Lordes song Tennis Court! i really liked the sound whilst watching the video but couldn't find the remix on spotify, which is a shame. However, thanks to that I started listening to the original version which is one of Lordes more famous songs. I've never heard any other song by her except for Royals, so I got really excited by finding a new artist who's sound I liked!

What I like most about Tennis Court are the lyrics, which are teenagie, yet not anything you usually hear. I don't like the remix as much after listening to the original, but I still like it alot since it resembles the Dream World video which is such an inspiration. The remix is rather long though, so if there had been a "radio version" of it, I would've loved it.

Fave line in Tennis Court: its a new artform showing people how little we care

Supermassive Black Hole

Recently I've been starting listening to rock alot more. I had a period in 8th/9th grade where I only listened to hardrock, and that part of me has flourished once again. This time around - Muse caught my attention. 
I've always had Uprising on my playlists (because it's amazing!?) But I stumbled across Supermasssive Black Hole and it's just too good. For two days straight I tried to figure out from where I had heard it before, because the intro was really familiar, so I googled it and found pictures of Edward Cullen. It's the soundtrack to the baseball scene in the first Twilight movie. Shock. 
Anyways, listen to it because it's a really really really good song! 

Fave line in Supermassive Black Hole: I though I was a fool for no-one, but ooh baby I'm a fool for you