Beau Idéal

Supermassive Black Hole

Recently I've been starting listening to rock alot more. I had a period in 8th/9th grade where I only listened to hardrock, and that part of me has flourished once again. This time around - Muse caught my attention. 
I've always had Uprising on my playlists (because it's amazing!?) But I stumbled across Supermasssive Black Hole and it's just too good. For two days straight I tried to figure out from where I had heard it before, because the intro was really familiar, so I googled it and found pictures of Edward Cullen. It's the soundtrack to the baseball scene in the first Twilight movie. Shock. 
Anyways, listen to it because it's a really really really good song! 

Fave line in Supermassive Black Hole: I though I was a fool for no-one, but ooh baby I'm a fool for you


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