Beau Idéal


With some bands, I struggle alot before I actually enjoy them. I usually look for similar bands and artists to the ones I already listen to, and while doing this, I've managed to find my favorite bands of all time! However, I've had a few bands that I've really wanted to like, but never really felt it with. On social media I've seen hardcore fans of actic monkeys, the 1975, the neighbourhood (etc) also being hardcore fans of Vampire Weekend and alt-j, among others, and I've really wanted to be a hardcore fan of them too, but their song have been so monotone and boring. 

Although, eventually something clicked with alt-j. 

I accidentaly found a popular remix of Left hand free on vine and I just loved it. But it was only that one (lido) remix. Yet, I found more and more good songs with them and now I really like them! laughing Then have loads of various sounds in their different songs, but I guess if you like quirky indie music, you'll either be a hardcore fan or eventually learn to like them.


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