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Tennis Court (Original + Flume remix)

Bildresultat för flumeBildresultat för lorde tennis court

Links to: Dream World by Jay Alvarrez, Music Tennis Court Flume Remix  

Anyone else who's seen Jay Alvarrez 'Dream World' video and liked the soundtrack? In that casethis post is especially for you.

I really liked the song which is a Flume Remix of Lordes song Tennis Court! i really liked the sound whilst watching the video but couldn't find the remix on spotify, which is a shame. However, thanks to that I started listening to the original version which is one of Lordes more famous songs. I've never heard any other song by her except for Royals, so I got really excited by finding a new artist who's sound I liked!

What I like most about Tennis Court are the lyrics, which are teenagie, yet not anything you usually hear. I don't like the remix as much after listening to the original, but I still like it alot since it resembles the Dream World video which is such an inspiration. The remix is rather long though, so if there had been a "radio version" of it, I would've loved it.

Fave line in Tennis Court: its a new artform showing people how little we care


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