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It's time to take on AM. This album is so so so special to me. I am a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, and it's actually thanks to this album!

I used to listen to some of Arctic Monkeys classic songs like I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Mardy Bum and Fluorecent Adolescent, and I really liked them - but when I heard R U Mine?, which was the first AM song I listened to - it was a whole different story. It could have been that AM sounds quite different compared to the other albums, since it's much darker and the songs have a slower and stronger beat.. But I slowly loved one song after the other, and it feels like I just keep on finding these amazing songs on the album that I didn't pay that much attention to in the beginning. This album also made me listen to more of their older songs and it feels like listening to old songs by Arctic Monkeys is like going on a treasure hunt where every song is a large pit of gold.

Fave songs on AM: ...All of them, seriously. I would have to list every song on the album.

Every Kingdom

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Every Kingdom by indiefolk singer-songwriter Ben Howard is a peaceful, calm and cozy album. Ben has this husky voice that you instantly fall in love with (or fall alseep to). I love this album I find it so relaxing. This is his debute album, and last year he released his second one called I Forget Where We Were, but I never really listened through it thoroughly.. However I really recommend Every Kingdom. 


Fave Songs on Every Kingdom: Promise, Only Love, Old Pine

#000000 & #FFFFFF

#000000 & #FFFFFF - The Neighbourhood

A while ago The Neighbourhood released a mixtape called #000000 & #FFFFFF that i had really high expectations for, since their debute album I Love You was brilliant.

Sadly, I did not like it as much as I wanted to. A mixtape is supposed to be different collaborations with rappers, but I felt that they lost The Neighbourhood in their new songs. It sounded like Jesse singing along to different rappers and I wouldn't even label it dark pop (which was their sound in the EP's and debute album).  The only songs I liked were Warm and Lurk, but I can't say that they are comparable to any of their previous songs. Sorry..