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With some bands, I struggle alot before I actually enjoy them. I usually look for similar bands and artists to the ones I already listen to, and while doing this, I've managed to find my favorite bands of all time! However, I've had a few bands that I've really wanted to like, but never really felt it with. On social media I've seen hardcore fans of actic monkeys, the 1975, the neighbourhood (etc) also being hardcore fans of Vampire Weekend and alt-j, among others, and I've really wanted to be a hardcore fan of them too, but their song have been so monotone and boring. 

Although, eventually something clicked with alt-j. 

I accidentaly found a popular remix of Left hand free on vine and I just loved it. But it was only that one (lido) remix. Yet, I found more and more good songs with them and now I really like them! laughing Then have loads of various sounds in their different songs, but I guess if you like quirky indie music, you'll either be a hardcore fan or eventually learn to like them.

The Neighbourhood

If you haven't read my previous posts, I should tell you that I am a Hoodlum*

Two years ago, one of my friends shows me a cover of this song called Sweater Weather, and I thought it was good. I tried finding it on Spotify - but instead I found this band called The Neighbourhood ? And thank the lords that i found them because they are one of my favorite bands and I love them to death, not only their powerful dark pop music, but their black and white theme, their tattoo covered bodies and their swaggy we-don't-give-a-fuck personalities. The band memers are Jesse Rutherford (vocals), Zach Abels (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass), Jemery Freedman (guitar) and Brandon Fried (drummer) (previous drummer: Bryan Sammis).

Sweater Weather turned out to be my favorite song of all time and I don't think I ever could get enough of it. They recently released a mixtape called #000000 & #FFFFFF that I wasn't as fond of as their album I Love You, but even so I'm still obsessed with them.

So if you like quite dark music, not über depressing - just emotional, and you like the a proper band sound (compared to only electronic music), then I really recommend The Neighbourhood! If you're looking for the really dark songs I recommend Afraid and Female Robbery - but if you prefer otherwise, Sweater Weather isn't very dark at all.. And if you seek a new fandom - Hoodlums are the best and worst kind of crazy 

Fave song by The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather


Cocoon - Catfish and the Bottleman

"I remember when we swapped names and I thought maybe

you'd stay and try to outdrink me, and your friends all hated it"

So my latest obsession has been this song called Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottleman!

Never heard any of their song before I found this song on my tumblr feed. At first I though it was okay.. It had a nice beat and sound but nothing that stuck to my mind - apart from the bridge where they sing that quote. And now I can't stop listening to it.

The song is on their debut-album which has this lovely cover of the two people with their hands in eachothers pants  I've listened through what i think is most of their songs and they're all pretty damn good! They have got pretty much the same sound throughout the discography, or atleast as far as I can tell, so I can imagine that if you love one of the songs, you outta love all of them.

The 1975

Let me just begin by saying that this is the number one band that holds the key to my heart, so why not begin with the best?

The 1975 is a British band with a poppy, 80s sound. It's hard to label them with one genre, but I would say that guitar and beat or shimmer pop gives you an idea.
Their breakthrough year was 2013 when they hit top 20 with their most popular song Chocolate.
In my opinion, Chocolate only gives you a hint of what the band is really about. In order to understand their music I'd recommend that you listen to their EP tracks. My interpretation is that they most commonly sing about Girls, Sex and Drugs in their songs. And to prove that, their most popular song are called: Sex, Girls and Chocolate (which is a code for weed).

If you have not heard about the band before, then I recommend that you check them out because a whole lot of this blog is going to be about them! :)

Here are the links to the music videos for:
Sex (EP version)