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Pop Culture

Regarding the last post I made about Madeon, I mentioned Pop Culture, which was the live mashup he posted on youtube that got him noticed. I thought I'd might as well post it here too since it's so bloody brilliant 

I Wanna Be Yours MV


I've been listening to Arctic Monkeys song I Wanna Be Yours from the AM album for a while now,  and became qurious about how the music video for this song would look like. The lyrics are so odd and I couldn't help to wonder how you possibly could make a video out of it. So weird how Alex Turner can make the sentences "I wanna be your vacuumcleaner, breathing in your dust" and "If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot" sound so utterly romantic! Anyways I didn't find an official mv - but I did find this one that is probably the best mv that I've seen. As a dance enthusiast I fell in love with it, so take a look! It's beautiful! 

Heart Out Trivia


Have you seen the music video for Heart Out by The 1975? If so, isn't it adorable? I love the mini versions of the band members, and what makes it even better is that the little guy who plays Matty in this video, is in fact Matty's baby brother Louis.  I was quite amazed by how similar the two were when I first watched the mv. Then I encountered Louis' instagram and realised that their similarity it wasn't a coincidence.