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Matty Healy News

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To day is a special day because it's the 26th birthday of my idol, my love, my god -

Matty Healy

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The Neighbourhood + Jesse News

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The Neighbourhood is teasing us with information that a new album coming  So extremely excited, now we just have to wait.
And for you Jesse-fans he's back on atleast Snapchat now ~~~


Heart Out Trivia


Have you seen the music video for Heart Out by The 1975? If so, isn't it adorable? I love the mini versions of the band members, and what makes it even better is that the little guy who plays Matty in this video, is in fact Matty's baby brother Louis.  I was quite amazed by how similar the two were when I first watched the mv. Then I encountered Louis' instagram and realised that their similarity it wasn't a coincidence. 

Jesse Rutherford News

Attention my fellow Hoodlums or Jesse Rutherford fans in general!

If you have not heard it already, Jesse is going to quit posting things on social media. His acounts will remain but will not be updated, hence he wants to focus more on his friends and the people around him. However, he has set up an account on /, if you subscribe to it you'll get personal updates via you e-mail! 

If you too crave these updates, then you can register/subscribe on this --->link<--- which is also in his social media bio.

The Strokes Trivia

The Strokes Trivia:

The members of The Strokes may look like grunge neighbourhood rascals or punky hoodlums, but they acutally met at a top Swiss boardning school for posh kids.