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My brother showed this song called Natïve by Lisbon to me about a week ago or something, and at first I was so certain it was The 1975. The intro and everything sounded just like them, but I didn't recognise the singers voice. 

This song is a perfect comination of The 1975's song Settle Down and Imagine Dragons' song Tiptoe - in other words, it's nothing but brilliant. Never heard Lisbon before, but hey, if they sound like The 1975 then I'll automatically like them. 


Matty Healy News

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To day is a special day because it's the 26th birthday of my idol, my love, my god -

Matty Healy

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The Neighbourhood + Jesse News

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The Neighbourhood is teasing us with information that a new album coming  So extremely excited, now we just have to wait.
And for you Jesse-fans he's back on atleast Snapchat now ~~~



The song that cleanses my soul.

I love everything about Robbers. Words can not describe how much I like it! The Story! I mean, most songs have a background story, but not all song are a proper story! I guess you really need to listen to the lyrics to understand what it's about, or you can just look at the music video - which is a modern version of the movie True Romance containing fine as every Matty, the bloody good looking model Chelsea Schuchman, guns, sex and a lot of drugs!  The 1975 outdid themselves with this one guys.

Fave lines in Robbers:
If you never shoot you never know, and if you never eat you never grow. You've got a pretty kinda dirty face.

The Neighbourhood

If you haven't read my previous posts, I should tell you that I am a Hoodlum*

Two years ago, one of my friends shows me a cover of this song called Sweater Weather, and I thought it was good. I tried finding it on Spotify - but instead I found this band called The Neighbourhood ? And thank the lords that i found them because they are one of my favorite bands and I love them to death, not only their powerful dark pop music, but their black and white theme, their tattoo covered bodies and their swaggy we-don't-give-a-fuck personalities. The band memers are Jesse Rutherford (vocals), Zach Abels (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass), Jemery Freedman (guitar) and Brandon Fried (drummer) (previous drummer: Bryan Sammis).

Sweater Weather turned out to be my favorite song of all time and I don't think I ever could get enough of it. They recently released a mixtape called #000000 & #FFFFFF that I wasn't as fond of as their album I Love You, but even so I'm still obsessed with them.

So if you like quite dark music, not über depressing - just emotional, and you like the a proper band sound (compared to only electronic music), then I really recommend The Neighbourhood! If you're looking for the really dark songs I recommend Afraid and Female Robbery - but if you prefer otherwise, Sweater Weather isn't very dark at all.. And if you seek a new fandom - Hoodlums are the best and worst kind of crazy 

Fave song by The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather


It's time to take on AM. This album is so so so special to me. I am a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, and it's actually thanks to this album!

I used to listen to some of Arctic Monkeys classic songs like I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Mardy Bum and Fluorecent Adolescent, and I really liked them - but when I heard R U Mine?, which was the first AM song I listened to - it was a whole different story. It could have been that AM sounds quite different compared to the other albums, since it's much darker and the songs have a slower and stronger beat.. But I slowly loved one song after the other, and it feels like I just keep on finding these amazing songs on the album that I didn't pay that much attention to in the beginning. This album also made me listen to more of their older songs and it feels like listening to old songs by Arctic Monkeys is like going on a treasure hunt where every song is a large pit of gold.

Fave songs on AM: ...All of them, seriously. I would have to list every song on the album.

Fools Gold

Don't you just love a up-tempo 1920's Gatsby groove. Indie pop duett Manicanparty brings it all on the floor with Fools Gold. I can't describe the song ina better way than that, but it sure as hell is neat. Just press the play button and let the rythm do the all the talking 


King by Years and Years.... If you haven't heard this song yet, then it's about time! I only heard it first time a few weeks ago since their music video is constantly broadcasted on MTV, which can only mean that this song is gonna be the new Cool Kids by Echosmith. I know absolutely nothing about Years and Years but the one thing I do know is that I like this song and I really like the singers voice 




here is a better picture of it

You - The 1975

One of my favorite songs by The 1975! The song Me that I made a post about earlier is supposed to be somewhat of a reply to this song called You. This song is completely different to Me, hence it's not somber, depressing, slow or as emotional. This song as a happier sound and a poppier beat and is just a bloody good song. You is from the Sex EP, which is unfortunaly not on sporify which upsets me big time. Though, I'm slightly happy about it too because otherwise I would've destroyd it by playing it too much. 

Fave Line in You: "Do you wanna dance in the bar in the back of the hall"

I Wanna Be Yours MV


I've been listening to Arctic Monkeys song I Wanna Be Yours from the AM album for a while now,  and became qurious about how the music video for this song would look like. The lyrics are so odd and I couldn't help to wonder how you possibly could make a video out of it. So weird how Alex Turner can make the sentences "I wanna be your vacuumcleaner, breathing in your dust" and "If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot" sound so utterly romantic! Anyways I didn't find an official mv - but I did find this one that is probably the best mv that I've seen. As a dance enthusiast I fell in love with it, so take a look! It's beautiful! 

Heart Out Trivia


Have you seen the music video for Heart Out by The 1975? If so, isn't it adorable? I love the mini versions of the band members, and what makes it even better is that the little guy who plays Matty in this video, is in fact Matty's baby brother Louis.  I was quite amazed by how similar the two were when I first watched the mv. Then I encountered Louis' instagram and realised that their similarity it wasn't a coincidence. 

Every Kingdom

Bildresultat för ben howard every kingdom

Every Kingdom by indiefolk singer-songwriter Ben Howard is a peaceful, calm and cozy album. Ben has this husky voice that you instantly fall in love with (or fall alseep to). I love this album I find it so relaxing. This is his debute album, and last year he released his second one called I Forget Where We Were, but I never really listened through it thoroughly.. However I really recommend Every Kingdom. 


Fave Songs on Every Kingdom: Promise, Only Love, Old Pine


This album is for sure one of the main soundtracks of my past four years. Torches by indiepop band Foster the People is the first full album that I've known by heart since hits for kids. Pumped up kicks was their breaktrough and the song that in the first place caught my attention, but not until much later did I actually start listening to Foster properly. I can't remember how, but I stumbled across Helena Beat which is the first song on the album, and I fell fast and hard for it. I still haven't gotten fed up yet four years later.

This album is however rather monotone.  The first time I listened to the full album, I disliked most of the songs and I couldn't tell them apart, but I took on the songs one by one and I took my time with each and every one of them. and even though these songs aren't my favorite songs in the whole wide world (except for Houdini), this album will forever be gold 


Fave songs on Torches: Houdini and Helena Beat

Anna Sun

If you liked Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon - listen to Anna Sun! It's a super catchy feel good song with the typical peppy indierock sound. Perfect for roadtrips or when you need an energyboost 


IPlayYouListen is a kickass song from the indietronic duo ODESZA which my brother introduced to me.
I find this song very comfortable to listen to and from experience it's a great song for traveling! Compared to ODESZA's other songs, IPlayYouListen is completely instrumental and has a lower frequency. Their other songs can be a bit too much, in my oppinion, whilst this song is as great as background music as it is for active listening.